by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto by Lorenzo de Ponte
based on the Legend of Don Giovanni

Premiered: Estes Theater in Prague October 29, 1787

As the story opens, Don Giovanni steals away from Donna Anna's house, but she pursues him. The commotion alarms her father, the Commendatore, who duels with and is killed by Don Giovanni. He sets off again with his servant, Leporello, and meets the grieving Donna Elvira, who loves him although he has betrayed her. Making a quick exit, he next encounters a lively bunch of peasants, among them the pretty Zerlina and her clumsy fiancÚ, Masetto. Wily Don Giovanni spirits Zerlina away, but her enraged scream alerts the suspicious Masetto, and the Don is unmasked as a seducer and murderer. He escapes, only to be confronted later by a statue of the murdered Commendatore, who extends an icy grip to drag an unrepentant Don Giovanni to the depths of hell.