Timothy Charles Brown



   Newport Beach Planning
   Accrediting Commission for
   Community and Junior
   Eligibility Committee
       ▪ Member 2011-present
       ▪ Policy Committee 2012-present
       ▪ Substantive Change
   Newport Beach Parks, Beaches and
   Recreation Commission

       ▪ Chair, 2009-2010
       ▪ Vice Chair, 2008-2009
       ▪ Chair, 2007-2008
       ▪ Vice Chair, 2006-2007
    Park Development Committee
       ▪ Chair, 2008-2011
    Recreation and Senior Services

       ▪ Chair, 2006- 2009
     Budget Committee
 ▪ Member, 2007- 2011
    California Association for Parks and
    Recreation Commissioners and
    Board Members 2005-2008
       ▪ Secretary 2006-2007
    Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club
       ▪ Vocational Serve Chair 2006-
       ▪  President, 2009-10
       ▪  Vocational Service Chair 2010-

   The Newport Beach Chamber of
      ▪ Executive Committee 2009-
            Vice Chair, 2012  
      ▪ President Civic Affairs Council  
            Governmental Affairs
            Education Committee
            Marine Committee
      ▪ Strategic Planning Committee  
      ▪ Taste of Newport Planning  
            Chair, 2012
    Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club
      ▪ Past President 2010-2011
      ▪ President 2009-2010
      ▪ President Elect 2008-2009     
      ▪ Board Member
      ▪ Vocational Service Chair 2006-
         to present
             2007 Project
             2008 Project

             2009 Project
             2010 Project
             2011 Project
             2012 Project
             2013 Project
       ▪ Lobsterfest At Newport Beach
         Planning Committee
         Chair, 2012
         Co-chair, 2009-2011
         Marketing and Promotion 2010
    Leadership Tomorrow
      ▪ Board member 2011 to present
      ▪ Chair 2002-2005
      ▪ Immediate Past Chair 2006-2008

    Newport Beach ad hoc Finance
    The Newport Beach Chamber of
      ▪ President, Civic Affairs Counsel
    Citizen's Police Academy
      ▪ Graduation Speaker, 1999
    Newport Beach Aviation Committee

    Annual Lobsterfest At Newport
    Beach, 2010, 2011, 2012
    First Annual Lobsterfest At Newport 
    Beach, 2009
    Corona del Mar 5K Run
    Taste of Newport
    McFadden Legacy Square Project
    Newport Beach Centennial 
     ▪ 100 Years between the Piers
     ▪ Lets Do Launch
          My picture with Mike Love of
            the Beach Boys
    Corona del Mar Centennial
    Celebration Planning Committee
     ▪ Events Chair

    Toshiba Senior Classis
    Newport Beach Breakers
    Corona del Mar Scenic 5K

   100th Rotary International
   Convention, Birmingham, England 
   California Parks and Recreation
   Society,  Commissioner Training
   2006 Ontario, CA "Meetings Those
   Bloody Meetings"
   California Parks and Recreation
   Society,  Commissioner Training
   2007 Sacramento, CA "Meetings
   Those Bloody Meetings"
   California Parks and Recreation
   Society,  Commissioner Training
   2008 Long Beach, CA "Meetings
   Those Bloody Meetings"
   CAPRCBM Commissioner Training
   Workshop 2009 "Current Challenges
   and Successes"
Long Beach, CA
   Costa Mesa Summer Staff Training
   "The Role of the Recreator in the


  Newport Beach Planning Commission 2012 to present
  Appointed on March 13, 2012 for a term that expires on
  June 30, 2016
  Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior
  Colleges (ACCJC) 2011-2013
  The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior
  Colleges (ACCJC) accredits associate degree granting
  institutions in the 
Western region of the U.S. ACCJC operates
  under the corporate entity the Western Association of Schools
  and Colleges (WASC). The ACCJC is one of seven regional
  accrediting commissions. The ACCJC is authorized to operate
  by the U.S. Department of Education through the Higher
  Education Opportunity Act of

  The Eligibility Committee reviews the basic criteria that must
  be met by all institutions in order to be declared Candidates
  for Accreditation. Institutions must continue to meet the
  requirements after achieving initial accreditation.

  The Policy Committee develops and recommends new policies 
  as well as revisions to existing policies to the Commission for
  its consideration and approval.

  The Substantive Change Committee reviews proposals from
  member institutions to ensure the change maintains
  educational quality and integrity of its programs and is
  consistent with the its mission.

  Newport Beach Parks Beaches and Recreation
  Commission (PB&R)
  Appointed on December 9, 2004 for a term which expired on
  June 30, 2007. Reappointed July 2007. Term limit, June 30,

  The Park Development Committee conducts public outreach on
  park use and design and makes recommendations to the
  Commission based on its findings.

  The Recreation and Senior Services Committee conducts
  public outreach on recreational and senior service issues and
  makes recommendations to the Commission.

   The Budget Committee reviews the budget for Recreation  
   Senior Services with staff prior to it being recommended to the
   City Council.

  California Association for Parks and Recreation
  Commissioners and Board Members (CAPRCBM)
  CAPRCBM is the largest State organization of its kind in the
  United States. In addition to providing training for new Parks
  and Recreation Commissioners it provides information on
  trends in parks and recreation to its members and lobbies
  State and Federal government on issues pertaining to parks
  and recreation in California.
  The Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club Board of  
  Directors 2006-2011
  I am currently the Chair for the Vocational Service Committee
  in our club. Vocational Service is one of the "Four Avenues of
  Service" of Rotary. In 2007, the Newport Sunrise Rotary Club
  partnered with Working Wardrobes and the Salvation Army of
  Orange County to provide Success Workshops for participants
  in the Salvation Army's Work Therapy program. I am Past
  President and will my term was 2009-2010.
  The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce
  Resident Member/Board of Directors 2006-present
  The mission of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is
  to promote economic opportunity through business and
  community leadership and to enhance the social and civic
  environment of Newport Beach. The Newport Beach Chamber
  of Commerce is a business organization of almost 1,000
  members representing over 25,000 employees. The Chamber 
  with its five councils, committees, staff and valuable
  members—works with city officials, local businesses and the
  community at large to promote the local economy. In addition
  to my Board seat I am the president of the Civic Affairs
  Council and serve on the Strategic Planning Subcommittee as 
  well as the Taste of Newport Steering Committee.
  Leadership Tomorrow Board of Directors 2000-2009
  2011- present
  Leadership Tomorrow is a non-profit organization offering an
  educational program in civic awareness and leadership. It is
  designed to enable participants to become more involved in
  our community. The program helps local citizens acquire a 
  better understanding of civic leadership through interaction
  with a broad range of local experts and community leaders.
  Newport Beach ad hoc Finance Committee 
  Member 2006   
  The ad hoc Finance Committee looked into the future capital
  outlay projects in the city of Newport Beach over the next 20
  years in order to provide the City Council with input as to what
  the city can afford to budget for the new City Hall Complex.
  The committee made its recommendation to the Newport  
  Beach City Council on Tuesday May 8, 2006.
  The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce
  Governmental Affairs Committee 1999-present
  Establishes and maintains effective lines of communication
  with local and state government, advocates the business point
  of view, and analyzes various legislative issues and candidate
  Citizen's Police Academy  Class of 1999
  The Citizen’s academy is designed to increase the  
  understanding of the Police Department's operations, the
  Academy is conducted over a twelve-week period. Students
  will learn from department personnel who are experts in the 
  areas of SWAT, K-9, narcotics, major crimes, patrol and
  helicopter operations, traffic laws, firearms and other related
  Leadership Tomorrow Class of 1999
  For one full business day a month, for nine months, class     
  members participated in a workshop focused on one aspect of
  the local community (Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach and
  Tustin) that is common to all communities. During the  
  workshops, class members heard presentations and
  participated in panel discussions and other activities with local
  leaders and experts.
   Annual Lobsterfest At Newport Beach, Co-chair, 
  Hosted by Leadership Tomorrow and benefitting the Make A 
  Wish Foundation. In it's inaugural year the event fed over 540 
  guests all you could eat Maine Lobster and tri-tip. Held each
  year at the Newport Dunes and Waterfront Resort, there are
  raffles and an auction raising over $40,000.00. Looking ahead
  to 2012, the lobsterfest will become a signature event for 
  Newport Beach and surrounding communities..
   Taste of Newport Beach Steering Committee
   Celebrating its 20th spectacular year in 2008, the delicious
   mix of great food, drink, music and fun will attract over 75,000
   people to Newport Center Drive at Fashion Island for the party
   of the year. The Taste of Newport serves up culinary
   masterpieces from nearly 35 of Newport Beach's finest
   Restaurants, as well as 15 premium wineries from throughout
   California, ice cold brews and delicious cocktails. The
   restaurants are truly spectacular, offering everything from   
   barbeque seared ahi and tiramisu to prime rib and crème
   Corona del Mar 5K Run 2007-present
   Presented by the Corona del Mar Chamber of Commerce
   and City of Newport Beach, this event draws thousands of
   people for a scenic race/walk along the enchanting streets of
   CdM. The race finishes along the bluffs of Big Corona State
   Beach with restaurant row, merchant booths and live
   McFadden Square Legacy Project 2006-2008
   The committee was charged with commemorating the
   Newport Beach Centennial at this historic Newport Beach
   landmark. This urban beautification project
   recognizes the importance of the City’s history, added
   aesthetic enhancements to the area, and gave
   corporate and private donors an opportunity to
   create their own lasting legacy through a variety of
   naming opportunities.
   Newport Beach Centennial 2004-2006
   Served on the Planning Committee for both the “100 Years
   between the Piers Party” which was the closing event for the
   Newport Beach year-long Centennial Celebration and the
   kick-off event “Lets Do Launch.” Served as the
   Entertainment Committee Co-chair and Chair respectively.  
   The entertainment at the events included the legendary Dick
   Dale and Mark McGrath and the Beach Boys as the
   headliners. There were an estimated 35,000 people in
   attendance at the closing event and   a sell-out crowd of
   over 8000 people at the Dunes for the kick-off event;
   possibly two of the largest beach parties ever sponsored by
   a municipality on the west coast.
  Corona del Mar Centennial Celebration Planning
  Committee 2002-2004
   Brought together the entire community in a
   citywide celebration to honor the 100-year birthday of the
   village of Corona del Mar. Along with special event
   celebration, history, education and community involvement,
   the Centennial Foundation launched a fundraising
   campaign to support a time capsule monument to inspire
   future generations

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