Timothy Charles Brown
Hobbies and Interests


    Baseball Art
    Clive Cussler Novels
       ▪ My picture with Clive Cussler
    Opera Pacific Supernumary
    Sun Devil Athletics
       2007 Holiday Bowl
       2006 Hawaii Bowl
       2005 Insight.com Bowl
       2004 Sun Bowl
    Showing Our Weimaraners
       Dinks Page
       Simmer's Page
   Beach Volleyball
   Downhill Skiing
   Mountain biking
   Ocean Kayaking
   River Kayaking
   Wilderness Trekking
   Sailing/Yacht Racing
   Scuba Diving
   White-water Rafting
      Danali River Alaska
       East Glacial River Iceland
      Rangitikei River North Island 
        New Zealand
      Shotover River South Island
        New Zealand
   Extreme Sports
   Bungy Jump
      Kawara Bridge New Zealand
   Jet Boating
      Shotover Jet Boat New Zealand


  Baseball Art
  I coached college baseball for 13 years. I began collecting  
  baseball art shortly thereafter. I have over 50 pieces including
  airbrush, signed lithographs oil, water colors, silkscreen and
  Clive Cussler Novels
  Clive Cussler is acclaimed worldwide as the Grandmaster of
  Adventure, a title richly deserved given that there are nearly
  100 million copies of his best-selling Dirk PittŪ novels in print.
  He got his start in advertising, first as an award-winning copy
  writer, and then as creative director for two of the nation's
  largest agencies. His initial foray into fiction was in 1973,
  when he wrote his first Dirk PittŪ novel.
  I have read or am in the process of reading all of Clive
  Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels. I was fortunate enough to finally
  meet Clive for the first time in Newport Beach this past fall
  at a book signing held at Barnes and Noble in Fashion Island.
  Opera Supernumary
  In just twenty seasons, Opera Pacific has established itself
  as one of the finest professional opera companies in the
  nation. Opera Pacific's mainstage productions, extensive
  community outreach programs, and energetic Guild Alliance
  combine to create a cultural resource for all of Southern
  California. More than 670,000 people have enjoyed Opera
  Pacific's productions at the Orange County Performing Arts
  Center, while over 575,000 young people have discovered the
  world of opera through the company's in-school presentations,
  Student Previews, and nationally recognized Opera Camps.

  Supernumaries are played non-singing parts in the opera.
  Their mannerisms, facial expressions and actions enrich
  the tale being told in the opera. Since 1996 I have appeared
  in over a dozen operas including such classis as Don
  Giovanni, Tosca, and Carmen.

  Sun Devil Athletics
  I graduated form Arizona State University in 1975. Stephanie 
  and I  hold season tickets for Sun Devil football. We rarely
  miss a game home or away. During the fall months we travel
  almost every weekend to Arizona, Northern California or the
  northwest to attend the games. We usually spend Christmas
  wherever the team is laying its bowl game.

  In addition we try to catch as many basketball games as we
  can when the teams play in Southern California.
  Showing our Weimaraners
  The gray Weim was propagated by nobles in the court of   
  Weimar who sought to meld into one breed all the qualities
  they had found worthwhile in their forays against the then
  abundant game of Germany. In short, they sought speed,
  good scenting ability, courage, and intelligence. Formerly,
  the Weimaraner was a big-game dog used on wolves,
  wildcats, deer, etc. By the time these became rarities in
  Germany, the breed was supported by a club originally
  started by a few fanciers. It was extremely hard to obtain a
  Weimaraner at this point, since one had to be become a
  member of the club prior to purchase of the dog in a strict
  attempt to keep breeding and lines pure. However, when
  the American Howard Knight became a member and imported
  two specimens to the US, he helped found the club in this
  country and served as its first president in 1929. Meanwhile,
  the Weim grew to become a bird-dog rather than a big-game
 dog due to shifting priorities and rarity of big game, leading
 to its use as a personal hunting dog.

  Stephanie and I are the proud owners of two Weimaraners
  which we show. Dink, our 6-year old male has earned his
  AKC Championship. Simmer, our two-year old female has
  two major wins to go before she will earn her AKC
  Championship as well.

  I began traveling extensively when I was coaching baseball.
  I was appointed by the United States Baseball Federation
  to  travel to Ecuador in 1982 to help develop and promote
  baseball in that country in an effort to garner worldwide
  support for making baseball an Olympic sport.

  Since then I traveled throughout the world including six of the
  seven continents primarily in developing countries. I have been
  as far north as Iceland and as far south as Tierra del Fuego.
  Beach Volleyball
  Downhill Skiing
  Mountain Biking
  Ocean Kayaking
  River Kayaking
  Sailing/Open Ocean Yacht Racing
  Scuba Diving
  Wilderness Trekking
  White-water Rafting

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